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Holman as Instructor

Holman Meyerhoffer is currently a 2nd year Master's student in Communication studies at the University of Arizona. In the past he taught a hands on, college-level course in Hawaiian massage and led a motivational seminar in transcending personal limitations through firewalking. Since arriving at UA, He taught public speaking his first year and again over the summer and is currently teaching communication theory.

Holman says: 

I can't wait to find out what I will be teaching next. Before returning to university, I was a massage therapist specializing in Hawaiian lomilomi, where I also learned to walk on fire. After graduating from massage school, the owner invited me to stay and teach. I was priviledged to share my passion with the students of her school in a 40-hour certification course I designed and implemented. I taught the course 3 or 4 times before moving out-of-state. It was my first foray into the classroom. 

I was hooked. 

10 years later Life gave me an opportunity to return to learning, graduate magna cum laude from Utah State University and find my way to Tucson to teach and to study. Now I am totally and forever hooked. I study, I teach, and I work on research.

In my research, I examine the intersections of interpersonal interactions with mindfulness and positive psychology. I am interested in the power of mindfulness to promote personal and relational growth and in communication as the means to learn to live with more grace and less suffering, inclusive of feminist, intercultural, and egaltarian considerations. 

It is our interactions with others that truly give us respite and relief from Life's challenges; thus, how we interact with others matter. Communication is the key to how we relate to the world we live in and mindfulness is the key to living with power and equanimity. Mindful communication is our key to thriving personally, professionally, and relationally. 

Thus, I bring mindfulness into the classroom as just one example of the essential life skills I share with my students. I do this because both mindfulness and increased communication competence offer the greatest immediate payoff now and the greatest future gain beyond the classroom and beyond college. I believe in student-centered, competency-based instructional guidance organized around learning activities that promote critical thinking both individually and within group interactions (another set of vital life skills).

Truly, the great satisfaction I feel every moment I spend in the classroom teaching a communication course comes from the potential benefits each and every student can receive to accelerate success and form the foundations of a lifetime of flourishing. As a teacher, it is my sacred obligation to offer my best to my students for a teacher's voice has influence and student voices have power. Together we can co-create an amazing, enjoyable, and powerful learning experience. Together we can rock the class!


   Currently completing a masters in communication
               B.A., Communication Studies
              Magna Cum Laude, Spring 2015
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