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We really can LOVE MORE starting today

Together we can learn to love ourselves and others more and more. When we do, everything is so much better. Let's explore life and everything it means to thrive and flourish.

Love. We all need to feel loved. 

It's a human thing. 

At the level of society, love is the gift of accepting all people for who and how they are, without social judgment, regardless of race, sex, gender-expression, or political leaning. 

Love empowers people to be better people. What a gift that is!

Accepting difference creates open mindedness. Open mindedness creates liking. Liking bonds people and groups together. Thus, to love is to help others feel both liked and accepted for themselves. Small children tend to act this way naturally.

For today, let's all be like children and love each other more

We are all storytellers. For everything that happens we make a story. These are the stories designed to explain and inspire, to help and encourage. I am writing about my insights, thoughts, and reflections to tease out the wisdom hidden in every moment. 

Communication happens, all the time. Our words covey meaning and even our silences tell tales. Body language shouts louder than words. Even when we are alone, we talk to ourselves. It makes sense to learn how to do it better. 
Everybody wants  better relationships. Why is something everybody desires so very hard to find, create or maintain? There are some fundamental ideas that just plain make a difference in how we relate to each other and the world around us. 
Teaching matters. Teaching  touches lives. I use these pages to tract my evolution in instuction as I search for better ways to support students in learning both course content and also the life skills that transcend the college classroom. 
Some time ago, I wrote a series of essays. I discovered that for me, writing helped distill moments of insight.  Life is a marvelous and astonishing thing to grow into.
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